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    Fatima Tariq 10/04/2022 3:32 AM
    After joining echochallenge organisation, I noted that we can reduce the use of plastic by spreading awareness among people as well as students.when I started compaign in my university about  reducing use of plastic, at the beginning,no one gave me a serious response but slowly and gradually I noted everyone is taking this as a serious matter, in this matter, i tried my best and By the Grace of Almighty Allah the use of plastic bags and other disposable item is minimum in my university especially in my department as well as nearer areas of my sweet home.great hopping is that the use of  plastic totally forbided 

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    Fatima Tariq 5/24/2022 8:57 PM
    Yesterday I started compaign to reduce plastic use in my university..
    I told the university students how plastic use is harmful for our health and environment...ozone depletion rate is drastically high that is not good to our whole world plz be careful and don't use plastics bottles and others plastic items in your daily...whole students gave positive response in this regard... I assured that our daily basis little efforts will bear fruit and the use of plastic totally finished✌🏻